Building a Life After Your 1st Job

So you put in all the hard work to not only graduate college with a degree but you landed your first full time job as well. Now what? All this energy and momentum was put in to get you this far now you’ve been kicked out into the real world , and for most of us, without a soft pillow to land on. I’m a little over a year out of college now and am still figuring things out, believe me. But here are the top 5 lessons I’ve learned since starting out on my own.

  1. Say “yes” to as much as you can. This may seem daunting and overwhelming but starting over can be lonely at first so say yes to nights out with friends, yes to long weekend adventures, and maybe even yes when your friend is setting you up for a blind date. These experiences will show you what you do and don’t like to do with your young adult free time. And, it will also help you feel like you’re doing more than just drawing a paycheck to live life.
  2. Find a place you LOVE to live in. Yes, rent will probably be your biggest expense out of college. But, when you’ve had a long day and probably made a mistake or two (or three) on the job it makes the biggest difference to come home maybe light a candle and watch a show in a safe place that is totally your own.
  3. Don’t be afraid to quit your first job. Now this one may seem counterintuitive to the title of my post but it was wholeheartedly part of my journey to where I am now. I took the first salaried job that came my way and it turned out not to be the best fit for me. I found another job before I turned in my two weeks and I would say that’s the best way you can go about leaving a company so if you find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be and can’t live with be brave and move on.
  4. Stay active doing something you enjoy. This one I am still figuring out to this day. I’ve tried Orangetheory, hot yoga, traditional gyms, running plans you name it. None of it has stuck so far. But being active makes a huge difference in your outlook on life. Especially if you’re like me and sit at a desk 9 ish hours a day. So get out there and see what activities you enjoy for yourself.
  5. Live life doing things that make YOU happy. This may seem pretty generic but this has been the toughest lesson for me to learn so far. I’ve always felt guilty saying yes or no to certain things and hate disappointing the people in my circle but that’s the best part about starting out on your own. You get decide how you spend your time so get out there and do what makes you excited about life.


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