The Long Distance Bit

I never thought I’d sign up for a long distance relationship until BAM I’m right in the middle of one. I have friends who have loved their long distance relationship and those who have lost it (RIP). I think we can all agree that no matter the result we all learn a great deal from them. But this post isn’t about lessons it’s about survival and learning how to thrive through the long distance. Here’s the three things I’ve learned about living your best life through long distance. Either way YOU IS GONNA MAKE IT.

1. Make their new city your own.

This one was tough for me to grasp at first. It’s natural to compare their new city with your own and if/when theirs doesn’t measure up in your eyes that’s completely okay. Be patient and take the time to get to know their new city. Challenge yourself to discover something new each visit. A new bar, restaurant, or shop can turn a regular weekend on the road into mini vacation.

2. You’re will get used to it.

When you’re in the thick of change it may feel like you’re never going to be adjusted to how different your relationship is during long distance, but it does happen. You will get used to it and you can find a way to be happy through the distance. A wise friend of mine warned me it could take up to six months to get adjusted to long-distance. Oh the horror! Insert dramatic gif here. I’d say her estimation was pretty accurate. You don’t have to love long distance but you can learn to thrive despite it.

3. Make the time count and do your best to end it on a good note.

Inevitably your weekends or time with your honey are going to come to an end. You’re both headed for a stretch of time without the other person and it’s going to make both of you feel more secure about things if you end the time on a happy note. Plan brunch at a new spot or get outside and do some exploring. Do something you both enjoy before calling it a weekend and try not to make things too heavy or take things too seriously.

Keep crushing it out there peeps!


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