My 2019 Travel Itinerary

I’ll admit I’ve always been a watch and admire from the sidelines kind of gal when it comes to traveling. I love to idea of traveling across the world but have had trouble navigating the expenses associated with cross continental travel. Thus, my current travel extends mostly from the continental U.S. and Mexico. But, this year I am incredibly blessed to be able to announce that I will be traveling to a few countries in Europe, a family reunion, and potentially visiting another friend in New Zealand (sorry Han, hopefully you’ll allow me to visit!). So, here’s a list of my travel itinerary for the next year along with what I’m looking forward to in each place!

Norway and Paris in June

My sister is studying abroad in Norway for six weeks and thankfully my mom jumped at the chance to pay her a visit. We will be joining her at the end of her trip for 5 days in Alesund and then on to Paris for the remaining 4-5 days before heading home. We are staying at the most gorgeous river front Air BnB in Alesund surrounded by Fjords. It even has a hot tub! I’ll link the Air BnB below. We are still working on picking a few excursions I will keep you posted but I know lunch at Hotel Union Oye is on the list so I’ll link that below too.

Air BnB:

Hotel Union Oye:

Paris is still in the works but I know the major attractions are on our list as well as a surprise Siene river dinner cruise for our mom who is helping pay for most of the trip. I am guessing we will either stay at another Air BnB or maybe go the hotel route for Paris. I am most excited to try all the food and speak a little French too. I took French in high school and a little in college and have downloaded Duolingo for 20 minutes a day of practice until we leave. I am hoping to have one or two slow days to take in the city quietly and separate from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas. I’ll link some of the dinner cruises below but if there’s anything else you think I should check out I’d love any suggestions!

Dinner Cruises:

Family Reunion in Disney World in August

It wouldn’t be a year of travel without a pit stop at the Happiest Place on Earth. My Dad’s side of the family will be reuniting for a week long stay at the Old Key West Resort! I’ve never stayed there before and am looking forward to a more quiet Disney Hotel experience. The resort is beautiful and has a boat launch to take you directly to Disney Springs, hello night life. I am excited to enjoy the Florida sunshine and since I will have an annual pass this year I am hoping I’ll be less stressed about maximizing park time and can just relax and take things in slowly this year. Some new things I plan to try are the Nomad Lounge, The Edison, brunch at California Grill, riding the Skyliner, and maybe trying a dessert fireworks party. We do have Galaxy’s Edge to look forward to but as of now it either won’t be open or I will be too scared of the crowds to go near it.

(Potentially New Zealand – probably 2020)

One of my dearest friends is taking on the adventure of a lifetime and is going to be trained to be an adventure guide in New Zealand. Honestly, I probably won’t have enough PTO or money left for this trip for a while but I would LOVE to pay her a visit. I’ve heard New Zealand is gorgeous beyond compare. Also, fun fact, I was a Lord of the Rings super nerd when I was a kid and have always wanted to visit the film sites from the movies. I even wanted to buy some of the props from the movies like Arwen’s necklace. Regardless, there’s a lot more thought that will need to be put into this one but I am going to do my best to make it happen.

Other (TBD) trips:

  • My boyfriend and I are trying to take a cruise
  • Food and Wine festival for a long weekend

I have NEVER traveled this much even in the span of two or three years. I am positive that a lot of this could change but here’s the list for now. Friends, I hope you have a wonderful week and have survived the time change!


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