My Thoughts on Peloton Digital

Ever since I left, “retired”, from high school and college sports I have struggled to find a routine that I truly enjoy and can stick with. I loved playing sports because I was good at them and now that I am DEFINITELY out of shape I can honestly admit that I’m not good at much besides the 2 MPH walk I do at our treadmill desks at work. I’ve literally tried every program you can think of from a personal coach, half-marathon training, Tapout XT, Orange Theory, I could go on for days but I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just sum it up with I’ve tried it all and nothing has stuck and the very little that has was most likely too expensive.

Cue the attractive Peloton Digital commercials that boast a $30 for 3 month trial. It truly is the Netflix of fitness classes. I have an apartment gym that I can use and covers all the equipment I would need to do any of the classes. The most challenging part about traditional studio classes that I was doing before was fitting them into my schedule. I know that is 100% an excuse, you make time for the things you care about yada yada. Regardless, it helps that I can hit play on a class at any time of day where I can squeeze in a workout. The classes range in length which is also extremely helpful. When you are climbing the hill to get back in shape a one hour class can seem like a prison sentence. My first couple weeks using the app it helped me build my confidence by starting out with a 30 or 45 minute class. The app also has a comprehensive list of programs if working towards a bigger goal is your thing.

Another benefit is that most of the classes play killer music. I’m not a DJ and will most likely never curate a playlist beyond my favorite Disney jams so it made a huge difference for me. I could at least huff and puff to a song that made me feel like a warrior as opposed to the blob I’m trying to break myself out of.

The instructors are also inspirational. If I’m going to nearly suffocate on the treadmill at least they help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. They talk you through how to watch your form, they congratulate for any efforts you bring to the table, and even joke around through the class. I really appreciate how they make me feel strong for what I am capable of doing at the time. The instructors provide ranges for your speeds on the treadmill which I love because it gives me room to figure out how hard I can push myself.

The only downside I’ve experienced so far is unless you do an outdoor run or yoga you need gym equipment that isn’t readily available at my apartment. I’d love to one day afford their bike or their tread but for now I gotta plug in the headphones and head to my gym. Admittedly, I’m still very far from settling into a fitness routine that I love but for now this will do.

If there’s any other programs you think I should try let me know in the comments!

Have a great rest of the week friends!


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