My Favorite YouTube Accounts

If you’re like me and hashtag ballin’ on a budget then you probably don’t have a cushy cable set up. Rather, I have a firestick and my parents are still letting me mooch off of their amazon prime accounts. So, when I burn through all the latest shows and movies on those streaming accounts I at least still have YouTube as a back up. There is a channel for everyone on YouTube and I love that I can jump from watching a fitness guru to a healthy cooking channel to a beauty channel to a travel channel all within minutes. The only sad part is when you’ve watched all their videos and have to play the waiting game for a new post. You can get information on the next big product, get inspired to create a new recipe or routine and so on. So, here are some of my favorite channels that I subscribe to and have for a while now. I’ll admit I mostly steer towards health and fitness accounts and a few travel ones so if that’s not your jam then this post probably won’t be either. But, if you have any favorite channels of yours that I should check out let me know in the comments!

Sarah’s Day

She is a “paleo based” eater that, from my perspective, lives a beautiful life in Australia. I love watching her vlogs and day in the life videos because I aspire to live her all-natural lifestyle. She is the real deal when it comes to healthy living. She’s super consistent and does make going paleo look natural and easy. Now, she is just about to have her first child so I have been struggling to relate to her videos lately but I still love her channel. If you’re trying to check out paleo diets or maybe high intensity interval style workouts then you would love her channel.

Tim Tracker

This channel is for my Disney people. I’ll admit this channel always turned me off simply because at first glance I thought there was no way I could relate to Tim’s kind of wacky personality but he posts daily vlogs which I love. He and his wife are super consistent about posting. They create a ton of Disney and Universal contend and are popular enough that they typically get invited to some special access events and early entry into new stuff for the parks. I’ve loved their Late Night and Early Morning Magic vlogs because I am super curious about whether or not those are worth it. They just have great coverage on whats happening in the Disney Parks.

[Various Disney College Program] Vloggers

I wish I would have applied for the Disney College Program in college but I was scared I wouldn’t be able to graduate on time. So, I live vicariously through all the lucky college students that get to spend a summer or a semester working down in Orlando. Their vlogs are super fun to watch as they go through the process of working super hard all week and playing in the parks on their days off. I’ll link two of my current favorite vloggers below!

Once Upon a Bron

Aly Mcalister

*Two Honorable Mentions*

I still follow Whitney Simmons and Nikki Blacketter but I’ll admit I don’t consistently watch their vlogs. Whitney is a fitness youtuber that posts fun quick videos about her fitness and healthy lifestyle. She also posts great high intensity and weight lifting based that a are great if you’re looking to mix up your routine. I’d just say she doesn’t really post content that consistently. Nikki Blacketter’s channel was one of the first fitness accounts that I had followed way back when I first started watching YouTube. She has definitely shifted towards more of a lifestyle account now but her quirky honest personality is very fun to watch.

If YouTube isn’t your thing I am so sorry you had to roll through this post. But, I for one am thankful for the free form of entertainment and unashamedly love YouTube. So I’m gonna tune back into my subscriptions for the rest of the afternoon!

Have a great rest of your week friends!


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