I’m Back! Let’s catch up…

Hi friends! I’ve taken an unintentional break from blogging. Call it writers block or whatever you’d like, I’ve just felt that I haven’t many interesting things going on in my life lately. Ive seriously gone into autopilot and have zero routine outside of work, sleep, eat, and travel to see my boyfriend every few weeks. I still have a wonderful life in Columbus I just haven’t done much to better my life or make me feel inspired.

Then last Friday came out of nowhere and woke me up! I had just come out of one of the most difficult weeks of my life where I admit I may have used alcohol to numb my pain for the better half of a week. My mom had just gone through a tough week at work and decided to book a last minute long weekend cruise!

I don’t know what it is about travel but something about it puts my whole life into perspective. So here I am sitting on a couch in our SpringHill Suites hotel listing out the ways I want to change my life when I get back home and we haven’t even gone on the cruise yet!

This is our first cruise so I will be sure to post a review on our long weekend trip when we return!

Regardless I wanted to jump on here and say hi and admit that I’ve been going through a rut and will write about my plan to get back on track later this weekend!

Have a great weekend friends!


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