Intro to Norway

Nearly 16 hours of flying later we landed in Alesund Norway. Walking out of our little plane and onto the tarmac the air was so crisp and clean. I remember looking around at all the mountains and trees and felt like I had stepped into a fairytale.

You know when you go on those rare vacations when you know it’s your one shot to take it all in? This was definitely one of those moments where I was holding my breathe and trying to absorb and memorize every second. So here are my highlights from our trip to Norway.

Our Air BnB was PERFECTION. We rented a gorgeous cabin that was definitely off the beaten path. We had to drive our rental car onto a ferry to get there.

It had plenty of windows and extra bedrooms to allow us all our own space. There was a beautiful deck that overlooked the fjords. I tried to spend every morning here that I could.

The food in Norway was so clean and delicious. I will admit shopping in a foreign grocery store was a challenge I didn’t see coming. All of the labels were in Norsk and I think we closed down the store and had no clue how much we were spending.

Navigating this country was rough. We didn’t have an international data plan so we would take screenshots of directions and then make the best of it. We did stumble upon this swing that we could swing over the fjords. It was on a small part of the fjords that was only inhabited by four families.

The people in this country were astonishingly kind and genuine. Everyone we came across was patient and helped us with directions. Most of them speakers English as well! I admit that I struggled being uncomfortable not speaking the local language but it was a hard feeling to get past!

I will definitely be sharing more photos of our favorite spots, food, and memories from the trip but wanted to get this first introduction out there!

Let me know if any of you have ever been to Norway! I can tell you already I definitely hope to go back soon!

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