Blogmas Day 6: Apartment Living with a Dog

We break from our regularly scheduled broadcasts to bring you a blog I wish I could’ve found on google two years ago…

I moved my precious angle dog, Koda, into my apartment not quite two years ago and as you could guess it was a rough transition and a lot more work than I expected. I remember googling “how to transition your dog to an apartment” before I moved him in because I was so nervous about the move stressing him out. To be fair, the guy was a champ and after about 3-4 days of crying and barking when I left he settled right in. Living in an apartment with a dog, especially a BIG dog, is doable if you are willing to make some concessions in your personal life. So, here is my honest view point on moving your dog in with you and what I would’ve loved to know two years ago…

The Transition:

  • Get them on a routine or back on their usual routine ASAP – the sooner you get your buddy on a routine they can expect the more they will settle into their new home. I started by letting Koda out at the same time every morning, a long walk after work, and an evening walk right before bed around 10pm at a MINIMUM. On the weekends I would try to do more just to get him out of the apartment. This gives them a sense of peace and comfort when you leave the apartment.
  • Bring as much as you can from their previous home. Originally, I had Koda’s dog bed here until he got comfortable enough for me to replace it. I also brought some of his toys and his favorite rawhides to my new place. Not only will this keep them busy in your new home but it will be familiar too!
  • If they seem extremely stressed consider CBD treats. They didn’t really work for Koda. I either got a brand of treat that was ineffective or he’s just that neurotic that it didn’t impact him.
  • Give them a little extra TLC that first week. I stuck exactly to the routine my first week alone with Koda and made sure he got extra rubs and pets each night until I felt he was settling in.

What you may not realize:

  • Your new dog will probably dictate your routine. I used to think nothing of accepting a happy hour invite after work or running errands last minute. Now, your life and a few whimsical plans will probably have to take a back seat to your personal life. My tip here: try and plan ahead and either let your buddy out over lunch or make arrangements for a speedy stop after work.
  • If you love to snooze on weekends like me, BEWARE. Not saying you’ve got to set an early a** alarm on your day off but be conscious that Fido may not be used to holding as long as you overnight. Thankfully, Koda is a gem and not a morning puppy (LOL) and will usually wait for me to be up and running.
  • Coming home to a puppy that loves you unconditionally is life changing after a difficult day!

If you’re thinking of welcoming a dog into your apartment here are some of my favorite ways I store Koda’s pet supplies around my apartment!

If any of you are pet owners let me know in the comments! What do you have and what is their name?!

See you all in the next one! xoxo

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