Blogmas Day 8: Activities to Spice up your Winter Routine

I don’t know about you but as soon as the sun starts setting by 5 pm I turn into a complete shut-in. I’m more familiar with the couch than anything else during this time of year. But, this Christmas season I’m looking to change that so I pulled together of a bucket list of activites to jazz up everyone’s winter evenings.

German Village Lights: I have wanted to do this for YEARS but somehow every year I don’t make it before they are taken down. German Village is beautiful this time of year with gorgeous refurbished homes, brick paved streets, and many notable dining locations this will put any Grinch in the Christmas spirit. This “event” runs daily from 9 to 5pm.

Image result for german village lights
  • Columbus Zoo Lights: This has been a family tradition of ours for as long as I remember. Each Christmas season we will go with my aunt and uncle and their children to enjoy the lights and grab a hot adult beverage or craft beer. These lights do not disappoint and are a great way to take Christmas decorations in without driving aimlessly around a local neighborhood. Don’t miss the lights show that they play throughout the evening around the main pond. This year my work is treating us to a Christmas party on-site so hopefully I can enjoy this more than once this season.
  • Free Festive Fridays at the Columbus Commons: I have never tried this but a dear friend of mine used to live at the Columbus Commons and this area is another can’t miss destination for holiday decorations! On Fridays, they will also have free hot chocolate and carousel rides! This would be a great option for the little ones. There are also plenty of great dining options nearby if you want to make an evening of it.
  • Holiday LUX Champagne Tasting at Meza Wine Shop: If you live near Westerville Ohio you need to check out Meza Wine Shop. I love this destination for quaint wine tastings with a small town vibe. I’m not the biggest Champagne fan but I imagine a tasting would be a fun way to sample this type of wine without going crazy. Afterwards, you will be walking distance to many local restaurants and Graeters if you have a craving for ice cream.
  • Get tickets for a concert or play. I don’t know about you but I love the theatre during the winter season. There’s something special and magical about hopping in the car, driving downtown through the lights, and pulling up for a special show. A few years ago I saw Trans Siberian Orchestra in Columbus and it was incredible! They will be back at Nationwide Arena December 26th if you’re interested! You can purchase tickets here.

What do you like to do this time of year? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading friends!

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