Blogmas Day 13: My Winter Workout Routine

I can’t be the only one who overindulges this time of year and in an act to counteract that while building a great new habit for the New Year I created this calendar to get me on the right path.

I don’t know about you but it helps keep me motivated when marking things off a list. I found these adorable calendars on google, printed them out, and planned out my workouts from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This season I am trying to implement more cardio since I sit at a desk job all day. I am a big proponent of making workouts work for you without breaking the bank. My apartment complex has a great gym so on any given day I can hop on the treadmill or on a Peloton bike.

I have, unfortunately, discovered that during the winter months if I don’t get my workout in before work it isn’t happening. I am simply not motivated to go to the gym in the dark after work. Thus, I have swapped my routine to smash everything out before the sun comes up. Then, I have all the time in the evening to work on other interests. I highly recommend following whatever routine works for you. I find that I am working in the mornings through the winter months and then in the evenings in the warmer months. Essentially, I am following the sun as much as I can!

You’ll see on the calendar, I have made it a goal to either run 3 miles along with yoga or ride the Peloton and do strength. To be honest, I haven’t found a true workout routine since college and I am desperately trying to find something I can fall in love with. Thus, I am embarking on this 3 month experiment to see how I do. If at the end of it, I am still struggling to string workouts together I am going to try a new routine! I’m also taking a trip to Hawaii in May so I want to be in better shape to enjoy all the fun hikes in Kaui!

I’d love to hear from my fitness geeks on this one! What are your tried and true workouts? Any suggestions for someone trying to get back in the swing of things?

Happy and healthy-ish Blogmas!

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