Blogmas Day 15: My Winter Skincare Routine

I don’t know about you but there is nothing prettier during winter than the first fresh snowfall. That being said, my skin probably doesn’t feel the same way. As soon as the temperatures in Ohio drop below 35 degrees Fahrenheit my face gets chapped AF. This year, not only is my skin peeling off like a snake it’s breaking out too! What a fantastic combination! So, in order to take back control of my skin I am changing up my routine and being extra vigilant about moisturizing. Below are some of my favorite products I’m using right now! These make great gifts for the ladies in your lives too! I buy most everything from Ulta or Sephora but if you’re in a pinch and need that prime two day shipping you can find most of these on Amazon too.

I wash my face twice a day with this green tea cleanser. I won this one at a silent auction so I’m not exactly sure where to find it but I will try and link it below! It definitely helps clear up your face and gives my cheeks and forehead a nice glow.

I follow up with this moisturizer I also won at the same silent auction LOL. I’ve been using it for almost two months now and I will say I think the firming properties are pretty true. I’ve noticed that some of the areas around my neck seem more firm since using it. I probably wouldn’t buy this one again but it is a nice thick moisturizer for the winter time.

Now, lets talk face masks. I have a TON of options in my bin right now but I will highlight some of my favorites. The Origins charcoal mask is my go-to. It really helps turn my skin around if I am having a bunch of break outs.

Next is this honey mask. My friend gifted it to me a few months ago and this baby is fabulous! Its a soft oily mask that is so relaxing after a long day because it doesn’t tighten up on your face as it dries. I totally recommend this one if you have crackly dry skin.

In the winter I like to switch off a few times a week between the two masks above but here are some honorable mentions that I have used in the past. This yellow Sephora brand mask is a good option if you feel like your skin if looking a little dull. My sister just used this one today and seemed to really like it!

The last two I’ll mention are from Ulta and are super affordable! I think you can get these for less than $5 each! They aren’t the most intense masks in terms of moisture or skin clearing but the blue tube does refresh your face and gives you a little moisture back. The pink tube is a fun one to do because its a peel off!

What are some of your favorite skin care items? I love trying new products so let me know what you like in the comments!

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