Blogmas Day 21: Remembering My Reason for the Season

I’ve yet to open up much about my faith on the blog and admittedly as I’ve grown into adulthood I have found my faith taking a back seat. This year especially, I am making every effort to center myself around Jesus and being thankful for whom I put my faith in. Fair warning, I realize this post might not be for everyone as there are many other faiths or beliefs systems out there so if Christianity is not your jam that’s totally fine maybe just move past this post.

My church background is fairly traditional I grew up in Sunday school then when I was old enough to escape the social anxiety that was the high school church service I joined the rest of the church for service. Once my parents divorced, we hopped around at different churches for a while before landing at Vineyard Columbus, with my mom. But, then I went off to college at Miami University (the Ohio one) and my faith started to take a backseat. I tried the Christian groups out in school but once again felt left out and intimidated so I stuck to reading devotionals on my own.

Fast forward to young adulthood and I definitely still don’t have it figured out. I attend Vineyard Columbus off and on, read my devotional before work as often as I can and that’s about it. This time of year I’m always reminded of my faith not only because of celebrating the birth of our savior but because of the new year as well. It’s another year of life for all of us and I tend to take stock of how I’m feeling I’m doing as a Christian. Let me tell you, I am fully aware that I am fallen and flawed each year.

So for those of you like me who are looking to work on your faith into the new year I am writing down my thoughts for how to make our Christian faith more accessible.

Find a daily devotional: I’ve loved the past two devotionals I’ve read from. It’s such an easy and quick way to reach out to God each and every day. I like starting my morning by reading my devotional and it really does help me start off on a positive note.

Be open about talking about your faith: This one I try to work at all of the time. I admit, I tend to be pretty timid about my Christianity just because I am scared to offend someone that has different beliefs than me. The plus here is that there is nothing like connecting with someone on a common faith. To me, it feels like the faith I surround my life with is more real and sure when I share it with someone else.

If you can’t make it to church, watch it online: I’m sure this one can be a contentious topic but I believe an online sermon is better than no sermon at all! Online sermons are pretty easy to come by I recommend seeing if your church posts theirs online because then you can keep up with their current topics. If not, an app called Church Home has some excellent and warming messages too!

At the end of the day, I am extremely thankful for the faith I have and that I get to celebrate the birth of my savior this time of year. I know I have a long way to grow and I continue to enjoy working on being better.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! 4 days until Christmas!

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