2020 Check-In and Anti-racism Work

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been abysmal about keeping up with this blog and I would be lying if I have toyed with the idea of abandoning this site altogether. But, after a LOT of reflection and research I am still here!

Man, 2020 has rocked all of us, I am sure about that. I had planned to resume blogging a few weeks ago but the events that have plagued our country have woken me up in a way I could have never seen coming, and I know that in itself is a privilege I do have. I have so much to learn in the realm of anti-racism and I imagine there’s a few of you out there who feel that way too. I didn’t want to write this post until I had some actionable items to share. So, for my first post back on the site I wanted to share how I am beginning to engage in this work. Remember, this is a time to listen and to learn and that the work itself never truly ends.

  • Reading and Watching List: There is SO much out there that we can educate ourselves with simply by clicking play on a movie or cracking open a new book. Some of these I have already watched/read but here is what’s on my list for the next month.
  • Anti-racism Education Course: I’ve recently started following Monique Melton who is an Anti-racism Educator, podcast host, author, and speaker. She has a wealth of resources and classes on her website. She replays all of her classes for a small fee and I plan to take the Anti-racism 101 crash course this month.
  • Sign Petitions
  • Donate, donate, donate: Donate your time if you have it, resources for those protesting, or fund the organizations that support Black Lives Matters. Many of the leaders I follow on Instragram will also update you on who has enough funds or who are still seeking funds.

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the things we can do to support the Black community but its a start. I apologize for being inactive and quiet during this time but I needed time to take action on my own and learn on my own. I am so happy to be back in this space and to continue to share things with you all! If any of you feel comfortable sharing I would love to hear what you’re doing to support this space! I’d love to add to my own list with what you all are doing!

Stay safe. DailyBailey

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